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Amy Joon, hwp


Coach Amy Joon is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who blends De.Armoring Reflexology, Mast Cell Nutrition, Hypnotherapy + Trauma Aware Coaching to offer well rounded tool building + support for people who find themselves navigating diverse health + social stories due to unresolved trauma. Amy has 20+ years experience in herbs, nutrition + reflexology; with 12+ years experience working with complex trauma.

If you've been wanting to unpack a macro view of some health or trauma issues or go deeper with your healing, Amy is here to help you build tools + find your Super Power. Click here to see how...

SugarWitch Selfcare

Nearly 25 years ago my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a kidney issue that was causing seizures + her doctor educated us that the most preventative thing we could do to protect the longevity of her kidney health was to keep her food +  skincare products as clean + free of chemicals as possible. So I started making all our personal care items + the seizures STOPPED. Eventually everyone wanted what they tried at our house + now this skin food line has been growing + sharing for 20+ years!

handcrafted | small batch | organic

natural skincare

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Surrendered Warrior

a personal journey + community space

Surrendered Warrior is a growing community of Trauma Survivors navigating an ever evolving relationship with our Thriving thru the process of Surrender.

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surrendered warrior blanket project

supporting previously trafficked persons with care

All proceeds from crochet projects will be reinvested in micro contributions to survivor owned blogs, + organizations centering around healing, stability + support for previously trafficked persons.

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