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Trauma Coaching with Neurodiverse + Autism Tools

Hello everyone! Coach Amy Joon here. All my work is based on a sliding scale + I’m stopping by to share some of what you can expect from working with me.

My Passion:

Deconstructing the patterns + beliefs we have adapted to navigate complex trauma while consciously curating + defining an authentic, empowered You.

My Client Focus:

I started my Career in education, working mostly with Autism + Neurodivergence before shifting into Coaching to help parents navigate their healing journeys. I saw the need for Parents + Adults to get better acquainted with their own story so us adults could better support future generations. This resulted in the Spectrum of my Client Focus. With 20+ years in education + 15+ years in Coaching my client focus has become: PTSD, Autism, Complex Trauma, NeuroDivergence, + Transformational Life Shifts in All ages + stages of life including re.parenting work in addition to Coaching Children + Teens. What I learned over these decades of working with Autism + Neurodivergence is those are the same tools that help people better navigate trauma, creating a blend of those two worlds is my Coaching + Consulting style.

We Will:

• unpack + measure your balance of life + effectiveness of current tools + skills

• strengthen or define your connection to secure attachment while better understanding your attachment style

• deepen your relationship with co.regulation + develop a path to self.regulation.

• reframe to an embrace of trauma responses such as hyper-vigilance, etc as Super Powers + learn how to utilize + execute them as assets

• learn to utilize tools to strengthen your Executive Function

• define any masking traits + implement supplemental patterns that better Honor your Authenticity.

• build a now you can safely + lovingly welcome previous versions of yourself to feel at home in while also revisiting your beliefs about who previous versions of you had to become to survive + practicing compassionate acceptance of all of those fragments as you integrate.

I tend to work in 90-minute blocks so we can truly accomplish shifts in perspective. I can see you in person in office at Volare Mind + Wellness, Phoenix or virtually via phone or Zoom. I also offer a monthly Text Coaching Service for those who do better with shorter + condensed energy sessions.

Moving Forward:

I’d love to connect with you soon. You can call the office or email me directly to schedule a Complementary Consult Time / “Vibe Check”.

480. 336. 2083

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